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Rules and policies

How do I contact Support Team?

Jiji currently offers the following channels to contact support:

  1. Chat
  2. Email
  3. Chat

    Chat is the fastest way to get a response from Jiji and we can resolve most questions with a quick conversation.

    To start a chat with one of our support agents from Jiji app or website:

  4. Click Support Team icon
  5. Click Send a message
  6. Type a text of your request/question
  7. Note: To better assist you with any troubleshooting, it's important for us to know as many details of the issue as possible.


    For questions that are not urgent, we recommend submitting an email via support@jiji.co.tz.

    *Grab a screenshot of your issue

    Attaching relevant screenshots to any support requests allows Jiji support to solve your problem faster. Always be prepared to include or have screenshots ready that show your issue clearly.

    Do you provide phone support?

    Jiji has found that we are able to assist customers in a more efficient manner through chat and email. These methods for support also help us keep detailed records about your request.