Everything you possess can be defined as property this time, however, we are going to talk about real estate. Well, you have chosen the right website to look for the place, which is going to become your own. Whether you are searching real estate for sale or rent, there are offers of property in Nigeria for both. Moreover, whatever you need and prefer is represented by an enormous range of advertisements. And if you have opened the page accidentally, do not hurry to leave, for nothing happens accidentally, especially when you encounter so many attractive deals. Though at low prices, all rentals are incredibly comfortable and ensure coziness and warm atmosphere. There are several types of real estate featured on this page. Firstly, there is residential property. All those considering moving to another house or apartment have two options: to find property for sale or property to rent. Consider your payment allowance, comfort, plans and intentions for the nearest future, and do not hesitate to make a final decision operatively. The chances to find more affordable prices is very low. Based on the size of your family, your love to party life, and personal demands, you can select a flat, a duplex, a townhouse, a bungalow, a mansion, or any other kind of residential property in all regions of Nigeria. Secondly, there is commercial property. From cozy offices and cafes to factory buildings – the selection of real estate options is impressive as well. In case you are planning to start business or relocate an existing one, you will not face any difficulties with finding a new place if you looking for on the property list here. Thirdly, you can build everything from scratch. Among the other suggestions, there are advertisements of land plots for those who want to build a house in their own. When downtown becomes too noisy and real estate options in suburb do not seem like a perfect place, there is still a chance to create one. It is enough to imagine it and check out the available land plots on the property list. The rest will be a pleasant, though complicated, occupation that will get you busy for several years. Does it seem like something is missing? That’s unlikely: you are on Jiji; every type of property you can think of is available on Jiji. If we haven’t mentioned something, just enter it in the Search row. If you do not see what you need at the moment, just wait for a while. Thanks to the frequency of new offers it will not take a long time before the selection of interesting real estate offers appear. There is for certainly something you want and can afford, regardless of the preferred region, desired property type, square and space, amenities, neighborhood, infrastructure or other bonuses. It is a brilliant idea, especially when you choose JIji for a personal assistant and real estate agent. Good luck!

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