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Art reminds another world – a mysterious and obscure one, though inspired by the real life. Some try to find art in everything around them, while for others it is hard to understand what a particular artwork means. In the end, beautiful things are what everyone likes, and you have chosen the right spot to look for them. Works of art and collectibles for decorating your place (whether it is your home, an office, a studio, a café or another place) are offered for sale on at the lowest prices you can find in Nigeria. Scroll down and you make sure it is absolute truth. Buy and sell on free classifieds ads. Add some style and meaning to the atmosphere you are surrounded by. Beauty and style are waiting on Jiji.

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Grace Candles 1

Grace Candles

TSh 35,000
Grace Candles 2

Grace Candles

TSh 12,000
Uru Bracelet 1

Uru Bracelet

TSh 80,000
Makapu Mazuri Kabisa 2